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The Quality of Paradise Beach Boutique Clothing


 by  handmade clothing is designed to be beachy, exclusive and offers careful custom made to order quality which is not typically associated with "beach shop clothing". 

When you purchase a fashion product withby  you are receiving a custom made to order piece of beach clothing that you will not find from any shop. This is why so many of our customers have spread the word about our comfortable beach chic lifestyle clothing and handmade beach jewelry and purchase from us directly to take with them on their cruise or beach island vacations. 

Walk around a few gift shops anywhere in the islands and you will find each shop sells the same, cheap see thru tops and dresses with random things just printed on them.  Have you ever shopped for a beach fashion item from a high end retailer and saw one being sold for $40 or even $50? You ask yourself, what could  possibly make that fashion cost so much? Then you touch it and try it on and feel how soft and comfortable the fabric feels. You see the stitching is handmade perfectly and can feel and see the quality. 

This is how  by  beach fashion is designed to look and feel. Soft,versatile,vibrant, comfortable, and a great fit for your Island & Beach Chic lifestyle. 

We also offer a unique Add On Beach Quote option to any fashion product we sell unlike any other retailer boutique.


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