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I am a true girly girl. I love fashion magazines, going to the beach,travelling,shopping, going to parties, designer clothes, girls night outs,new fashion trends and anything frilly, fun beach-related and pink-colored.going to the beach,travelling,shopping, going to parties, designer clothes, girls night outs,new fashion trends and anything frilly, fun beach-related and pink-colored. I am obsessed with bright colors that stand out,bold geometric pattern designs ,vintage styles and classic versatile simplicity. All of my designs are inspired by the unique life and places I have live and travelled to so far. I have also been inspired by the many beautiful beach tropical islands I have been fortunate and lucky enough to travel to due to being a travel agency owner and a island destination wedding planner the majority of my 2nd career. How it All Came About: My obsession with boutiques started with shopping with my mom as a little girl. My appreciation visiting the cheerful small mom and pop boutiques was so much fun! I remember I was 7 or 8 and I used to make magnets and sell them to my aunts when they would visit us in my mini pretend boutique shop I made in my basement.I guess you could say then I was destined to do this for a living! After always having the want and desire to create beach resort fashion and womens accessories for years at the age of 26, I heard someone say the quote "You can do anything you want in life, the only thing stopping you is yourself from trying". It was one of the best quotes I have ever heard. It made me feel alive again. I bought me my first sewing machine and here I am today present , 13 years later, I have created my dream come true beach fashion boutique with over 500 items. 
The road to actually open the boutique was my mom. She generiously gave me $300 which was a fortune to me and believed in me in 2012 which I used to buy a business license and some fabric.At the time I quit my safe dull full time job and I only had $500 in my account to my name. I worked hard ,endlessly hard and created scarf and jewelry products one by one in flash sales online and flipped and invested everything I made until I created the entire fashion and accessories line which took me 3 years later. Without her belief in my creativity I would not be where I am today with the business. I was blessed . My parents always believed in me and when i was a kid at age 16 ,my dad after working really hard all day at work built me an art room with his own two hands.I think it was that moment that I knew I was going to pursue my dream and show him I could be successful like him. As of Oct 2013, I have a baby boy that inspires me to work harder even more everyday! Just seeing his smile inspires the ambition to overdrive.
Blog created and written by Heather Dzubinski  

Paradise Beach Lifestyle is a sunny blog source for tropical inspiration .We feature chic resort fashion, parties, travel and home decor island style. "Find Your Happiness, Be Grateful, Live Your Dreams, Never , Never Give Up and go to the Beach" Live the Paradise Beach Lifestyle!
Our Philosophy:

We are dedicated to providing customers excellent customer service and unique,handmade, creative modern womens fashion and accessories!
Our products and fashion are all handmade in the USA.
WE GIVE BACK-Our Donation: 
We are huge animal lovers! We will donate a small portion of every order placed to animals in shelters at the end of each year to help aid wonderful dogs and cats in need and provide them the care they deserve!

Our Dedication: 
This shop is dedicated to my precious son Zaiden Cruz, wonderful mom and dad who always supported me and helped keep me inspired over the years to fight to achieve my dream even when things in life seemed impossible no matter what waves you endure! They all taught me to keep sailing and you cannot fail unless you give up! 
Because of them, I followed my life-long dream and never, never gave up!

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Unique handmade luxury collection of Spa Beach tropical Bath and Body Products and Candles seaside style!
Luxury personalized jewelry inspired by the beach and sea!
Inspiring Seaside Beach Style Children's Books Collection-Coming 2022
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Our shop was featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution in July 2013 by famed Jessica Shops from Star 94 radio station-click below to read the story
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