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Best Beach Drink Recipes at All -Inclusive Resorts

Posted on October 13 2017

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Some of the best beach drinks to order at all-inclusive resorts are cool and refreshing drinks you’ve likely already heard of, like a strawberry margarita, a daiquiri, a mojito, or a pina colada. But there are so many more unique beach cocktails to order while you’re at an all-inclusive beach resort.

If you’ve ever been to a beach resort, you know that floating around in the pool and lounging poolside all day are greatly enhanced by a frozen fruity drink with a little umbrella. Nothing else quite makes you feel you’re on vacation like a frozen cocktail. Every time we’re headed to an all-inclusive beach resort (This one’s our favorite), we spend some time beforehand making a list of the best beach drinks we need to order while we’re there.

Making a list is necessary if you want to try a bunch of different drinks, because most resort bars don’t provide drink menus. If you don’t know what beach drinks to order, every time you see someone with a drink that looks good, you have to ask what it is and then try to figure out what’s in it so you can order it yourself.


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